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The National Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters is an association of independently-owned property and casualty claims adjusting companies located throughout the United States.

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Risk Management School Information

Continuing with the education theme of my newsletter, I wanted to provide the resources that have been shared by Tim Cook, CPCU, ARM, director for the Risk and Insurance Studies Center at Virginia Commonwealth University-School of Business. Tim is in the Department and Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate in Richmond, Virginia. Tim has attended many of our national and regional meetings and is a supporter of the NAIIA and risk management education.

Tim has provided schools that our members could contact, per the attached list. The list is a Risk Management Insurance University Directory.  Listed are the schools with risk management programs, and the requirements for the degree, the number of faculty at the school, the number of students, and the department contact at the university.  Both of the documents linked below have all the direct contact information for these school across the country.

IRMI Directory of Risk Management and Insurance Programs at U.S. Colleges and Universities

Advisor Listing revised November 2018 

RMI Schools are listed from Erie, Pennsylvania, to Tallahassee, Florida, to Big Rapids, Michigan, out to Washington State in Pullman, Washington, to Denton, Texas, California State University in Sacramento, California, all the way out to the University of Hawaii. Of course, the University of Iowa is also listed, and well represented in my office.

There is a fairly local risk management school for every member. To anyone who is interested in considering bringing on a new risk management graduate from a university, I strongly advise you to reach out to these department heads to let them know what you are looking for and provide a description of your position.

Each school is interested in jobs postings, interviews on campus, and offer fall and spring career fairs that hundreds of students participate in. They can also connect you with the career services center at the University.

For anyone looking to grow their staff, I encourage you to use the information supplied by Mr. Cook. Thank you very much for the time and the information, Tim, and for being a part of our great association.

All the Best,

Dave Hausch 

Adjuster Training

My monthly collaboration piece is about education and adjuster training. We are well into February, and many college students are approaching their final semester in college.

Hiring the next generation directly from college can be very beneficial. You have the opportunity to mentor and mold someone in the specialized skills needed for your unique firm. There is an upfront investment in time and finances. But investing in the right person can return exponential results for you, the trainee, your firm and the industry.

I am a firm believer in hiring people directly out of college. We have had a lot of success with our program, and I am sharing our system for my collaboration piece. I will outline how we interview, educate and train potential adjusters. Nothing is better than a great hire, but a bad hire can be very disruptive to the office and result in the loss of valuable time and money.

When we are interviewing any prospective employees, we suggest two people from your company interview them. We also recommend a personality evaluation. We use the Kolbe A Index. The Index is a tool to assist in identifying a person’s natural tendencies and strengths. You will never turn someone that’s afraid of heights, into someone that wants to climb roofs. We look for an assessment that highlights people that are string analytically and task-oriented by nature.

If we extend an offer to an applicant, we do it in a simple written summary, stating the position is a 90-Day Temporary Employee Agreement. Both parties must sign the offer. If agreed, we set a start date and enroll the Trainee in the Insurance Institute’s AIC program.

We pay the trainee to sit at their desk, study and register for the proctored exams. We require all trainees to pass two proctored AIC exams within the first 90 days. We expect one to be the Ethics Program, the second based on the discipline they were hired for, either Property or Liability-based classes. We identify quickly if that person is a fit for the industry.

We have found that if a trainee cannot study and pass the exams, their success rate is non-existent. If they do pass the exams and are progressing well, we have a nine-month goal from date of hire to have the AIC completed. At that point, we believe they are on the right path for a very successful career in claims and risk management.

I hope our ideas have given you some possible thoughts and ideas. We do believe in investing in the youth and the risk management industry. It has been a rewarding industry for my firm and me. We are thankful for all of our opportunities.

There are several risk management programs and Tim Cook, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Business, has provided information on how to contact the Risk Management Schools. The details of the Risk Management Schools available will follow in the next article.

Yours in Collaboration – Dave Hausch 

NAIIA Upcoming National Conference in May 2019

Part of the honor of being involved in the Association and the Executive Board is to work with the Educational and Conference Committees for the 2019 National Conference in Orlando. It has been a pleasure working with the Education Committee comprised of Barry Parks, Peter Shiffrin, and Don Lederer. 

You can find the list of education sessions in the 2019 NAIIA National Conference Registration brochure at this link. 

I would like to highlight our keynote speaker, Mr. Kenny Aronoff.  The theme of his presentation will be “Playing to a Higher Purpose.” Kenny has played with everyone from the Rolling Stones to Elton John, the Smashing Pumpkins to John Mellencamp, and many, many more.  He is listed as the top 100 greatest drummers of all time (66) by Rolling Stone Magazine and has played on over 60 Grammy-nominated or award-winning records representing over $300,000,000 in sales, with more than 1,300 being RIAA Certified Gold, Platinum, or Diamond.

Kenny’s message is about how to become successful and stay successful in your life and your career by following three principals:  Preparation, Performance, and Persistence.  When we previewed some of his speeches, the piece that hit home for me the most were his thoughts about being part of a band.  Being in a band is much greater than playing an instrument. It is about the strength of the team. Members of a team are more successful when they work and play together.

I thought that message was consistent with the collaboration theme I brought to my presidential year.  To that point, I am hoping to end my volunteer year with a final opportunity to present that message to all of our members.

I hope to see everyone in Orlando, and I believe the educational sessions and networking will be the best we have had. 

Rumor has it - his drums will be set up ready for us to start the day!

I hope to see you all there!

Dave Hausch

Non-Disclosure Agreements and 1099 Forms

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season that was spent with family and friends and that all are looking forward to a prosperous 2019. As I think of our goals as a company going forward, I think they are very similar to those of the association. My theme of collaboration and working together with others to do something greater than what I could do by myself is always an annual personal and professional goal. Many people are concerned about opening up and working with others. There are some confidentiality concerns and also challenges of how a relationship can be started. To assist in getting our members to work together with others and other peers and clients, I am providing a couple of sample documents.

The first is a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). NDA’s are common in business and offer a way to protect trade secrets and other confidential information meant to be kept confidential. If you would like to explore working with a peer in a neighboring state, town, or time zone, I encourage you to consider an NDA agreement. A generic sample that we use is attached here: Sample Non-Disclosure Agreement

It's a great way to start a conversation. You never know what can come of combining business interests and how you both may be able to capitalize on an opportunity. The NDA states, up front, that you are going to deal with confidential information and that both parties will treat it as such. I hope providing the document will help some of you reach out and work with others in the industry and especially in our association.

The second step of working with others is structuring the “deal.” A 1099 agreement is commonly used between companies and individuals. I propose using the framework of the document between firms to assist in peer business relationships. A copy of a standard 1099 form is available here: Sample 1099 Form

If you are in one state and a peer is in another or different territories with shared clients, you may be able to cover the entire footprint for a client. You will never know the business synergies until you start the conversation.

When working with other firms it is always prudent to get a Declaration Sheet for the company E&O and Work Comp policies. That will prevent unintended expenses for either party. You will want to do your due diligence, but finding the right partner can be the jet fuel to your firm.

As I think of everything I am thankful for in 2018, and hopeful for in 2019, working together and collaborating with the members of this great association are always on my list. I hope you can find some use from the sample documents and some ideas on how to work together going forward.

Happy New Year from the NAIIA. We wish you a happy and prosperous 2019. Cheers!

Your’s in Collaboration,

Dave Hausch

National Advisory Council

A special NAIIA team of Cathy Hester (CJ Hester, Inc) and John Henderson (Wickizer & Clutter) have worked together to standardize the invitation process to prospective members of the National Advisory Council. They have created two documents:

NAIIA Who Are We

NAIIA Invitation to Serve as NAC Member

The invitation states, the National Advisory Council “NAC” was created by the NAIIA for free and open discussion of claim topics and to enhance relationships between independent adjusters and the clients they serve. NAC members serve in a non-binding advisory capacity to the NAIIA.

These forms work hand in hand with Susan Daniels’ Strategic Planning Initiative, and the goal to increase the Advisory Council members in all five regions. Her goal is one that we can all support. All who attend the Regional and National meetings place great value in meeting with the members of the NAC.

I have had customers who have served on the National Advisory Council. Initial concerns that “peers and competitors would know my clients” were quickly replaced with confidence in bringing that client into the mix. It showed confidence in who we were as a firm, and in the relationship with our client. Over time, it has strengthened my relationship with that client. That has expanded into our spouses and children getting to know each other. Interacting on a more personal level only adds to the overall carrier-vendor relationship.

Attached to this article are links to both documents created by the committee and members mentioned above. I thank them all for their effort. I encourage all members to reach out to their best clients and use these documents to explain what the National Advisory Council is and invite their clients to participate.

The NAC members get a lot of value out of attending and hearing the feedback from us, as we likewise do from them. I encourage all members to strongly consider the request to offer a NAC position to your clients and be a part of our great association.

Thank you for the consideration. Please review the documents, and if the office or I can assist in any way in reaching out to your clients and proposing the National Advisory Council, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Yours In Collaboration,

Dave Hausch

What is the NAIIA?

“What is the NAIIA?” I’ve been asked this simple question on more than one occasion. The simple answer, of course, is the “National Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters.” And while that may answer the question, I believe a more appropriate question is “who is the NAIIA.”

First, being a member of the NAIIA comes with many benefits:

  • STRENGTH BY ASSOCIATION: The NAIIA is a national association with five regions geographically situated across the U.S. Each region has an annual meeting in a select city. There is also a national meeting held annually, usually at a very nice resort.
  • CONTINUING EDUCATION: Continuing education is offered at both the regional meetings and at our national meeting.
  • NETWORKING: The ability to network with your peers across the nation.
  • MARKETING: The NAIIA publishes The Blue Book, a member directory which is shipped annually to approximately 2,600 insurance companies in January. This information is also accessible on the NAIIA website. This member directory helps enhance your online marketing presence.
  • VENDOR PARTNERS: Members are given discounts from Dell Computers, Enterprise Rent-A-Car as well as other affiliated companies.

SO, WHO IS THE NAIIA? By far, the best part of the association is the members. Members who have the ability to give you guidance or assistance on even the most difficult or obscure claim. Members who can offer guidance to help you become a better business owner. Members who will invest in you as an individual, and make you not only a better adjuster, a better business owner but more importantly, a better person.

I am proud to be a member of the NAIIA.

John Henderson

John Henderson is President of Wickizer & Clutter Inc., which has been providing loss and claim adjusting services to Missouri and surrounding states since 1976. The company was founded on the predication of unmitigated professional claims services at a fair price. Mr. Henderson has been with Wickizer & Clutter, Inc. for twenty-five years, and has been employed as a Claims Representative for Twenty-Seven Years. During his twenty-six year career, he has earned his Associate in Claims designation, Associate in Services designation, and most recently earned his Certified Umpire and Certified Appraiser Designation. John is a member of the NAIIA and the Mid-States Region RVP.

NAIIA Strategic Planning Initiative

On behalf of the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC), we would like to express our thanks to all of our member firms and National Advisory Council members who offered input and dialogue this past year toward our strategic planning initiative. The SPC evolved in response to a need to set a course into our future through the transitions of a new Executive Director, changing officers, and our rapidly changing industry. The strategic planning followed our updates to the NAIIA mission, vision, and values.

The SPC resurrected the Balanced Scorecard Approach to Strategic Planning. (Kaplan & Norton, 1996), which had been presented formerly by Mike Csom, Sr. in planning initiatives in 2000. This approach includes four perspectives for effectively communicating strategic intent:

  1. Financial Performance
  2. Efficiency
  3. Knowledge and Innovation
  4. Stakeholder Satisfaction

Balanced Scorecard courtesy of

The SPC surveyed our membership and met throughout the year to develop goals and action plans aimed at addressing member needs and catapulting the NAIIA into a bright future.

Click to view NAIIA Strategic Planning Document - PDF

We’ve seen a number of goals accomplished during 2018, including the development and execution of a new member management system, updates to our website, launching of our Appraisal Certification program, and alignment of the Registered Professional Adjusters (RPA) into the NAIIA.

Our future goals include the development of a blueprint for leadership engagement throughout the NAIIA, sustained promotion through marketing and communications, ongoing excellence in educational opportunities and business roundtables, and optimized access to clients and networks through the growth of our NAC Panel.

To realize the fullest potential of this effort, we need the collaboration of our membership. We recognize collaboratively we can all accomplish more through the strengths and talents of the remarkable leaders throughout the NAIIA.

If this is a year where you can give within your NAIIA community and are passionate about areas of need, we would like to hear from you. We invite you to live out our mission to promote the highest standards of claims excellence and professionalism and participate in our efforts toward education, training and leadership engagement. We invite you to share one to two hours per week or month, or better, to collectively and individually make a positive and lasting impact on our members, industry and local communities.

We invite you to read our Strategic Plan outcomes and learn more about areas you can serve.

To collaborate further with us as members of the NAIIA, please contact Sheri Csom, Executive Director, or any member of the Strategic Planning Committee:

  • Susan Daniels, Northern Adjusters
  • Dave Hausch, Hausch & Company
  • Joel Moore, Gulf Coast Claims
  • Mike Csom, ASU Group
  • Brian Harlow, Johns Eastern
  • Peter Schifrin, Schifrin, Gagnon, and Dickey

Dotson & Associates, LLC Welcomes Another Family Member to the Team!

The NAIIA would like to congratulate Dotson & Associates, LLC and Dylan Dotson who just received his adjuster's license in Kentucky. Dylan is 21 years old and is the son of an NAIIA member, John Dotson. Dylan has been doing ride-a-longs with his father for the last 5 years, preparing him for this milestone. 

Dotson & Associates, LLC has been in business since January 2014 and is truly a family business. John's wife Leah Robinson-Dotson is the office manager, and their daughter Shelby is an adjuster for the company. Congratulations to the entire Dotson family!

NAIIA Helps Raise Money for Kids' Chance of America

On behalf of the NAIIA, we’d like to thank all the generous contributors who helped NAIIA succeed in raising $10,000 for Kids’ Chance of America in 2017-18.  Kids’ Chance is a nonprofit aimed at providing a scholarship to the children of those who have suffered a catastrophic or fatal work injury. The NAIIA contributed over $10,000 to Kids’ Chance of America.

Special thanks to Stacie Matthewson, Reno entrepreneur and philanthropist, for her generous contribution of $5,000 to help us climb the mountain toward our goal. Stacie is the founder of the Stacie Mathewson Foundation, Transforming Youth Recovery and Doors to Recovery. The programs promote addiction awareness, recovery, prevention and education at the local, state and national level.  Stacie has roots in our industry, formerly having worked as an adjuster in Alaska and with Susan at Northern Adjusters.

Special thanks also goes out to Chuck Witt of Roanoke Valley Claim Service for his generosity in topping off the balance in our quest to the peak. Many thanks to all who participated in reaching this goal and to Paul Graf of Vanguard Claims for leading our charge!

Lauren Marsh, Nominee for the Inaugural 2019 Emerging Leaders Conference in Florida

Lauren Marsh, the Team Lead-Select for Small Business Commercial at PayneWest Financial, was selected to attend the 2019 Emerging Leaders Conference! Lauren has grown up as an NAIIA kid! She is the daughter of Michael Marsh, President and Senior General Adjuster at Midland Claims in Montana. Congratulations Lauren!


Nominees Announced for the Inaugural 2019 Emerging Leaders Conference in Miami

CHICAGO – The Emerging Leaders Conference, powered by the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America (PCI), the Insurance Careers Movement (ICM), and A.M. Best, today announced its inaugural class of 83 of the best and brightest rising talents in insurance who have been invited to an exclusive executive development and networking event in February 2019.

“The Insurance Careers Movement was launched to address the pending talent shortage in the insurance industry,” said Jessica Hanna, PCI’s senior vice president of public affairs. “The industry needed a centralized campaign to showcase the innovation and excitement in insurance jobs. The first phase was to build a grassroots, social media, and digital movement to spread the word that insurance is the career trifecta—stable, rewarding, and limitless. The Emerging Leaders Conference is the next dynamic and tangible phase of the Insurance Careers Movement. We are proud to show ideas turning into action.”

The Emerging Leaders Conference is the next global industry initiative from the Insurance Careers Movement, which aims to harness the tremendous responses and energy from the first digital engagement phase of the ICM. The conference is multi-dimensional, providing company CEOs a way to get involved in industry-wide recruitment, in addition to developing new leaders within the industry. Insurance industry CEOs and executives were asked to nominate rising stars within their organizations. These up and coming leaders will receive executive training from top industry icons, giving emerging leaders new perspectives on industry challenges, opportunities, and enterprise-wide leadership. The conference will provide networking opportunities, and in turn the participants will be recruited to become ambassadors for the industry.

The nominees below represent a wide-range of job functions including actuarial, claims, client relations, finance, marketing, product development, risk management, sales, technology, and underwriting. They work from coast to coast as well as overseas. Nominees have approximately 8-10 years of job experience and are already making a positive impact on their companies and the industry.

“The Emerging Leaders Conference nomination process was created to help spark internal conversations about rising stars within companies and to provide a professional development opportunity that rewards high performers. The conference is career focused and will also embed health and wellness strategies to help fuel a healthy executive lifestyle,” said Marguerite Tortorello, president of Tortorello Communications and one of the founding members of Insurance Careers Movement.

The following quotes about the nominations highlight the outstanding caliber of the selected Emerging Leaders Conference attendees:

“It is rare to find an individual with the passion, dedication, and professionalism that she exhibits each and every day. It is at times when tension is high and the pressure of a deadline looms that great leaders rise to the occasion. There is no better individual than she that we would want in control during those times.”

“His passion and commitment to his core responsibilities show his desire to excel in his role. He treats his work as his craft, constantly striving for improvement by way of industry designations and furthering his education. However, he realizes that his individual success will not grow the company, it takes the entire team, working in unison with focus, determination, and a touch of fun that will put us on a path for growth and success. His passion and motivation inspire others on the team to accomplish our goals and create a better future for the next generation.”

“She is a consistent high achiever who continually challenges herself and those around her to excellence. Her personal contributions to the branch and organization are framed by her high degree of confidence, honesty, respect and passion for success.”

The Emerging Leaders Conference will be held Feb. 24 - 26, 2019, at the Confidante Hotel during the 4th Annual February Insurance Careers Month. The agenda will feature panel discussions with leading company CEOs providing insights on major industry trends and sharing knowledge on some of the most pressing issues facing insurance.

The nominees will have an opportunity to network with insurance executives from diverse job functions in a vibrant environment. Click here to learn more about the Insurance Careers Movement or how to get involved.

We encourage you to follow the conversation on social media #ELC2019. For information on sponsorship opportunities contact Kristen McCann at          

Jyotipriya Ajay Amica Mutual Insurance Company Assistant Vice President
Eduardo Amador Weston Insurance Management, LLC AVP, Director of Marketing
Scott Applequist American Agricultural Insurance Company Actuary
Kasey Baker CM Regent - wholly owned subsidiary of Church Mutual Insurance Company Manager of Broker Relations & Distribution
Julie Berenz Anderson The Hanover Insurance Group Associate State Manager
Andy Bloechl CM Vantage Director of Operations
Joshua Bouchez Trident Insurance Territory Marketing Manager
Sarah Braughler United Educators Associate Vice President
Phil Brodeur RLI Insurance Company AVP, Risk Services
Holly Brokaw Illinois Casualty Company Underwriting Manager
Colin Burns COUNTRY Financial Director, Brand Marketing & Activation
Meagan Campbell Shields LWCC Investment Portfolio Manager and Enterprise Risk Specialist
Bruno Caron A M Best Company Financial Analyst
Raymond Charrier Confie Seguros AVP, Claims
Stephanie Coe CNA Business Analysis Director
Nick Coldwell The Hanover Insurance Group AVP New Business
Nick Cook Crum & Forster SVP- Small Business Team
Patrick Crotty Navigators Management Company, Inc. Vice President, Environmental
Kathleen Dalton Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Company Assistant Vice President Operations
Ryan Daniele MJ Insurance Director, Strategy & Operations - Risk Management
Daniela De Leon Pacheco Argo Group International Holdings Manager of Business Operations for Latin American Operations
Lisa DeCarolis CNA Risk Control Consulting Director
Nicole Dinan Westfield Commercial Lines Product Management and Underwriting Practices Leader
Mandy Donovan Illinois Casualty Company Product Development Supervisor
John Eckmair Utica National Insurance Group Director of Underwriting Operations
David Edgerton Erie Insurance VP, IT
Tim Ekberg COUNTRY Financial Director, Field Operations
Simon Evans Argo Group Senior Recruitment Manager, International
Rosa Figueroa Catalina U.S. Insurance Services LLC Senior Claims Examiner
Jamie Flowers Illinois Casualty Company Legal Counsel
Jenna Francis Electric Insurance Company Senior Claims Adjuster
Candice Germain The Segal Group Senior Broker
Marc Glickman Argo Group Underwriting Director
Karen Guard Nationwide Insurance AVP, Product - Personal Lines
Zain Hasan NICG Founder & CEO
Janelle Henkel COUNTRY Financial Director of Billing Operations
Sarah Hinman Utica National Insurance Group Digital Delivery Manager
Kelly Hirn Church Mutual Insurance Company Claim Shared Services Manager
Daniel Hofmeister A.M. Best Company Financial Analyst II
Shane Hutsen Argo Group University Relations Program Manager
Brent Johnson Accredited Surety and Casualty Programs Manager
Rebecca Joseph The Hanover Executive Middle Market Sales Underwriting Specialist
Clifton Kersey Vela Insurance Services Assistant Vice President, Segment Underwriting Director
James Kienzle CNA Director Strategic Coverage Counsel
Meredith Krasnecky Lincoln Financial Group Business Process Improvement Consultant
Lynn LaGram The Hartford Assistant Vice President, Product Management
Aaron Lee Ally Insurance / Motors Insurance Corporation (MIC) Director of P&C Underwriting
Courtney Lehman Westfield Actuarial Leader
Thompson Mackey EPIC Insurance Brokers and Consultants Risk Management Consultant
Lauren Marsh PayneWest Financial Team Lead - Select (small business commercial)
Mohideen Masood Utica National Insurance Company Technical Delivery Manager
Alison McLean Swiss Re Head Behavioral Research
Sean Metzger Lancer Insurance Company Division Manager
Kristi Milbourn American Family Insurance Talent Acquisition Manager
Alex Miller United Educators Associate Vice President
Lane Miller Johnson Lambert LLP Principal
Tyler Nielsen Utah Business Insurance Company VP Operations
Christina Parrott American Family Insurance Compensation Manager
Nicole Parrott FBL Financial Group, Inc. Specialty Lines Vice President
Nicholas Petcoff Conifer Holdings, Inc. Executive Vice President
Leah Porath Erie Insurance IT Manager
Alison Powell Erie Insurance Inside Claims Supervisor
Kelly Ruud CopperPoint Mutual Insurance Company Assistant Vice President, Financial Systems
Robert Ryan Navigators Management Company, Inc. NY Marine Branch Manager
Chris Schumacher Church Mutual Insurance Company Actuary
Sephora Sciara CAA Insurance (CCG) AVP, Insurance
Nick Scott Spinnaker Insurance Company General Counsel
James Shay ACIG Insurance Company Vice President
Amanda Sklavenitis Ohio Insurance Institute Vice President, Education and Workforce Development
JooHye Smith MetLife Auto & Home Manager
Dana Soubra CAA Insurance (CAA Club Group) Vice President, Insurance
Jessica Soufrine Amerisure Insurance Company Assistant Vice President, Field Marketing and Underwriting
Lynanne St. Denis Navigators Management Company, Inc. Vice President, Commercial Excess Casualty
Ryan Stieg Stieg Insurance, a Division of PayneWest Insurance Client Relations Director, Commercial Insurance
Katie Stryker CNA Consulting Director
Yen Tang MassMutual Life Insurance Company Head of FP&A Data Analytics
Alison VanOtterloo Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company Vice President
Kari Vaughn CNA Actuarial Consultant (P&C)
Ryan Vigus CSAA Insurance Group Vice President
Karen Williams Argo Group Group Senior Manager of Training and Organizational Development
Deidre Wright Business Insurance Director, Engagement & Marketing

PCI promotes and protects the viability of a competitive private insurance market for the benefit of consumers and insurers. PCI is composed of approximately 1,000 member companies and 340 insurance groups, representing the broadest cross-section of home, auto, and business insurers of any national trade association. PCI members represent all sizes, structures, and regions, which protect families, communities, and businesses in the U.S. and across the globe. PCI members write $245 billion in annual premium, which is 38 percent of the nation's property casualty insurance marketplace.