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The National Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters is an association of independently-owned property and casualty claims adjusting companies located throughout the United States.

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National Advisory Council

A special NAIIA team of Cathy Hester (CJ Hester, Inc) and John Henderson (Wickizer & Clutter) have worked together to standardize the invitation process to prospective members of the National Advisory Council. They have created two documents:

NAIIA Who Are We

NAIIA Invitation to Serve as NAC Member

The invitation states, the National Advisory Council “NAC” was created by the NAIIA for free and open discussion of claim topics and to enhance relationships between independent adjusters and the clients they serve. NAC members serve in a non-binding advisory capacity to the NAIIA.

These forms work hand in hand with Susan Daniels’ Strategic Planning Initiative, and the goal to increase the Advisory Council members in all five regions. Her goal is one that we can all support. All who attend the Regional and National meetings place great value in meeting with the members of the NAC.

I have had customers who have served on the National Advisory Council. Initial concerns that “peers and competitors would know my clients” were quickly replaced with confidence in bringing that client into the mix. It showed confidence in who we were as a firm, and in the relationship with our client. Over time, it has strengthened my relationship with that client. That has expanded into our spouses and children getting to know each other. Interacting on a more personal level only adds to the overall carrier-vendor relationship.

Attached to this article are links to both documents created by the committee and members mentioned above. I thank them all for their effort. I encourage all members to reach out to their best clients and use these documents to explain what the National Advisory Council is and invite their clients to participate.

The NAC members get a lot of value out of attending and hearing the feedback from us, as we likewise do from them. I encourage all members to strongly consider the request to offer a NAC position to your clients and be a part of our great association.

Thank you for your consideration. Please review the documents, and if the office or I can assist in any way in reaching out to your clients and proposing the National Advisory Council, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Yours In Collaboration,

Dave Hausch, 2018-2019 NAIIA President
President and CEO of Hausch & Company