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Risk Management School Information

Continuing with the education theme of my newsletter, I wanted to provide the resources that have been shared by Tim Cook, CPCU, ARM, director for the Risk and Insurance Studies Center at Virginia Commonwealth University-School of Business. Tim is in the Department and Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate in Richmond, Virginia. Tim has attended many of our national and regional meetings and is a supporter of the NAIIA and risk management education.

Tim has provided schools that our members could contact, per the attached list. The list is a Risk Management Insurance University Directory.  Listed are the schools with risk management programs, and the requirements for the degree, the number of faculty at the school, the number of students, and the department contact at the university.  Both of the documents linked below have all the direct contact information for these school across the country.

IRMI Directory of Risk Management and Insurance Programs at U.S. Colleges and Universities

Advisor Listing revised November 2018 

RMI Schools are listed from Erie, Pennsylvania, to Tallahassee, Florida, to Big Rapids, Michigan, out to Washington State in Pullman, Washington, to Denton, Texas, California State University in Sacramento, California, all the way out to the University of Hawaii. Of course, the University of Iowa is also listed, and well represented in my office.

There is a fairly local risk management school for every member. To anyone who is interested in considering bringing on a new risk management graduate from a university, I strongly advise you to reach out to these department heads to let them know what you are looking for and provide a description of your position.

Each school is interested in jobs postings, interviews on campus, and offer fall and spring career fairs that hundreds of students participate in. They can also connect you with the career services center at the University.

For anyone looking to grow their staff, I encourage you to use the information supplied by Mr. Cook. Thank you very much for the time and the information, Tim, and for being a part of our great association.

All the Best,

Dave Hausch, 2018-2019 NAIIA President
President and CEO of Hausch & Company